Kevin Redman

Kevin Redman


Kevin is the founder of Redman Roofing Ltd and has over 20 years roofing experience. He has always had a passion for working at heights since he started on his journey training to be a roofer as a teenager.

It has always been Kevin’s ambition to launch his own Roofing business however he felt it was extremely important to gain vast experience in the multi skilled industry to ensure he would be offering his clients the best possible service whilst possessing the best possible knowledge. Through sheer hard work and determination his dream has become a reality.

Kevin is a problem solver who thrives upon assisting clients to identify current and potential issues with their roofs. Not only does he identify the issue he offers the correct solution to eliminate any problems now and in the future. Kevin is always striving to offer his clients the best roofing solution with quality durable products and thorough workmanship whilst offering a competitive price.

Over the years Kevin has carried our work for major house builders, local authorities, cathedrals, schools and property developers as well as domestic properties, through which has resulted in him gaining an outstanding reputation with clients and colleagues.