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Chimney Lead Flashing

Redman Roofing Ltd received a call from a worried client who was suffering leaks into her property which was causing extensive damage to the bedroom ceiling. Due to the urgency and the continuing bad weather we visited the client the same day to discuss and explain what the problem was and a solution as to how we could overcome leaks in to her property. We thoroughly briefed the client what work was involved and what results to expect, the client was happy with our solution and requested us to proceed.
Unfortunately the reason for the damage was due to wear and tear and following the high winds the property suffered extensive leaking directly from the chimney. The lead flashing was blown out of place as it wasn’t made secure because the cement which was holding the lead in place was non-existent.

Lead was hanging off the chimney, therefore it was a potential safety hazard to members of the public.

Redman Roofing Ltd safely removed all of the old lead and chased the brickwork ready to cut and install the new lead flashing to the chimney. The work involved also includes the installation of replacement lead using lead clips, which was then dressed. We then used Patination Oil which provides a clear shine to the lead and prevents unsightly white staining whilst also protecting the surface of the lead. We sealed the lead with Leadmate mastic solution, which is now used instead of the old fashioned cement option which can fall out of the lead joints in chimneys.

We had a very happy client who praised our workmanship and was relieved she no longer had leaks into her property. Another happy client.

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New Build Roof

A Property Developer in Bath was running behind schedule by five weeks and the roofing company who had initially committed to the project had let them down. The Property Developer were recommended to contact Redman Roofing Ltd who are known for being fully committed to all projects whilst offering excellent standard of workmanship.

Due to the overrun of works of other trades, the building needed to be protected from the elements to enable work inside the building to proceed. The requirements were to felt, batten and tile the whole roof of a block of five properties with step down lead work.

The challenge was to complete all of the required work within a day. Redman Roofing Ltd were happy to oblige.
Despite the tight time scale we had a full team of professionally trained roofers and due to our vast experience we were able to deliver a fully completed roof from start to finish within a day. No compromise was made on quality of workmanship whilst exceeding the client’s expectations.

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